Should Your Brand Respond to Twitter Protests? Are we in the 21st Century? You Tell Me.

Today, twitter populates with news faster than any other news source. Stories spread fast and tragedies spread even quicker! Twitter is becoming a platform to motivate movement and change in our society. Everyone is a journalist and everyone can bring something relevant to the table. What does this mean for brands? It means in order to stay relevant in the eyes of consumers, a company must engage in two-way dialogue with consumers. Want to discover what consumers deem most important? Study their tweets, then include yourself in the conversation. For starters: tweet always, stick to brand values, and realize that silence in the midst of protest is not the answer.

Tweet Always. Utilize twitter when times are good, bad, and grey. Twitter is a platform to release the latest updates regarding a brand. I argue that the way to a customer’s brand loyalty, is first through their twitter news feed.

Stick to Brand Values. Twitter, like a person, has an identity. It is important that every re-tweet, mention, and quote aligns with the values of the brand. Imagine speaking face to face with an investor on issues that he or she are concerned with. Consider the company response and demeanor, then re-invent this via 140 characters or less.

Silence is not the Key. In the midst of controversial topics and heated discussion regarding your brand, please respond. A PR practitioner specialist is more relevant now more than ever. Hire someone who is quick, strategic, and tactful. A tweet today may cost a brand thousands in opportunity lost, tomorrow.

For more information, regarding the inspiration of today’s blog, please visit the article below:


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