CAUTION: News sources are losing our trust

Does the title of this blog post catch you by surprise? It shouldn’t. The number of people who watch the news and/or read the newspaper has been declining year after year. Consider this: when you hear about an event and want to know more, what is the first step of action you take? If I were rich, I would bet a million dollars getting to that story begins with a search engine. People are becoming more and more adamant about their beliefs and perspectives in the world. I’ll tell you why. Cognitive Dissonance is the theory that produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce discomfort and restore balance. Media trends tell us that people are experiencing cognitive dissonance, day after day. When CNN or Fox doesn’t bring them the straight-ticket democratic or republican perspective they are looking for – they turn to a source that will. I too, am guilty of cognitive dissonance. I can think of countless occasions in which I wanted to write about a particular viewpoint on a situation, which was evident in the phrase I typed within my Google search bar. Search engines allow us to only swallow the information we can bear. All other perspectives and data are thrown out of the window when we choose to specify our search results. As humans, we naturally look for ideals that allow us to pat ourselves on the back and re-affirm our correctness. Be aware, not only of your surroundings, but of your own twisted bias. Inspiration for Today’s post: 


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