News Alert: They finally have us tuned in.

As traditional forms of media decline as primary sources of news, the web as a platform for news steadily increases. To specify the on-line platform for news, data entails that more and more people are deriving their news from social networks. Not to mention, 62% of smart phone owners, admit to getting their news from their device. Snapchat’s new launch of their Discover feature might have sparked a flame that can change the way in which people consume the news, forever. It’s just what we needed and everything the digital era was looking for.

If you have Snapchat, and even if you don’t, I advise you to check out the Discover feature. I’m not the biggest snap chat fan but they have my attention now. Discover, allows you to get your news in the easiest way possible. You get the ease of watching a short clip regarding the news you care about and the convenience to skip the parts you don’t. Flexible at form, Discover allows users to swipe up on the content they want to be more informed about.

And my parents were concerned of my generation’s lack of “real news.” If you can’t beat the social network sites, join them, like ESPN, CNN, and National Geographic has!


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