Digital Lust is in the Air

Ten years ago online dating was for the awkward and creepy. Today, one-fifth of the nation’s adults have engaged in on-line dating. On-line dating sites and applications are finally losing their negative stigma. As the digital era continues to flourish, people are becoming most comfortable engaging with others over the Internet.

We have grown so accustomed to accessing limitless pleasure at the tip of our fingertips that we begin to think why not love too? People don’t like wasting their time; if they can view a potential date’s profile and be able to identify commonalities and differences – then people have the ability to try it and next it.

People spend a lot of time trying to meet people, just to find a date. The Internet allows individuals to connect with people easier and more intimately, before they even meet.

Below, I have included the pros and cons of Internet Dating:

  1. Accessibility

(+) Online dating sites and applications provide individuals with the ability to connect with far more potential partners than they would have found in their daily lives.

(-) All of these limitless options can cause individuals to lose sight of their purpose on the site. Not to find the perfect candidate or being, but for them to find someone whom they can build a satisfying relationship with.

  1. The Algorithm

(+) Sites use various tools and profiles to be able to match individuals with each other based on commonalities and differences; resulting in a higher chance of compatibility

(-) Algorithms aren’t always accurate; people are complex. There’s a small chance that someone on the on-line dating site is perfect for you and the algorithm might be telling you otherwise. That’s an opportunity lost.

  1. Limited Interaction

(+) On-line dating sites allow individuals to communicate and learn basic information about each other

(-) Digital communication is meant for the initial connection. It is not to be a platform for an entire relationship. Beware of falling into this trap.

In summary, on-line dating is not meant to replace dating in real life; it’s only meant to supplement it so that you are introduced to people who you are more likely to date. Remember, the most important aspect of being in love is the process that gets you there. Allow on-line dating sites to be the initial encounter – do not let it serve as the foundation of your relationship.


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