Tyler Oakley: The 1st in an Era of New Journalists

Tyler Oakley is a YouTube Superstar, capturing the masses with his bubbly personality and addicting persona. What began as a video blog, to keep his friends informed on his happenings in college, turned into a diary that the world gained pleasure from. Oakley went from having less than a million followers in 2013 to having over 4.5 million by the year, 2014. The YouTube phenomenon practically fell into fame.

I have deemed Oakley what I would call a “New Journalist.” The traditional definition of a journalist is an individual who writes relevant news for a mass audience. A “New Journalist” is an individual who writes or broadcasts relevant topics that people care about. Oakley is popular because he speaks on topics and delivers them in a way that grabs an audience’s attention and more importantly, their trust.

My prediction is that Oakley will be the first of many YouTube and Twitter personalities that will begin to report on news and relevant information. They’ll be most accessible – having a presence on the social media platforms that are most utilized.

This is a big opportunity to be made for traditional news sources that are currently struggling to gain the attention of an audience. I believe it would be in their best interest to sponsor a “new journalist.” Join the social platform and re-capture the attention of a generation who cares more about how their news is delivered than the news, itself.

Tune in tonight to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards to see Tyler Oakley in action!


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