Twitter and Google Team Up To Help You

Just last Thursday Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, confirmed that Twitter and Google will be partnering and internet users everywhere will be benefitting in the coming weeks. The partnership allows Tweets to be searched, via Google. People no longer need accounts with Twitter to find tweets any longer. The feature will allow users to gain access to timelines in real-time.

Google is hoping that the feature benefits its users and aligns with Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Twitter’s goals in the deal consist of increasing traffic, of course, and increasing their revenue.

I personally think that this is a major deal for both companies. As users, we are always trying to find information as quick and as easy as possible. This will permit equal access to news and perspectives to everyone. Now, the world can join the conversation.

For more information on the companies’ partnership, check out Why Twitter Struck a Deal with Google. 


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