Strengthen your Company on Social Platforms: Take Improv Classes!

Recently, I have been taking a class in applied improvisation. The more I learn, the more I realize how applicable my improvisation skills have become. I begin to wonder if my improvisation skills have a place in the world of social media. Further, researching my question – I finally came to a clear answer of yes. Improvisation utilizes a skill set that can also be used by companies to strengthen their brand on social networks. I have adopted a few tactics from Why Social Media Is Like Improv Comedy to help you see the correlation between tactics used for improvisation and the potential they have to succeed on social media platforms.

  1. Say Yes…And….

If you’ve ever taken part in an improvisation class then I’m sure you’ve participated in this exercise. The point of it is to verbally agree with people and add a bit of your own perspective. Imagine taking this tactic to the world of social media and applying it to the feedback companies receive from consumers. Maybe, not literally “Yes…and” but use the same concept. Acknowledge how your audience feels about your brand (rather it be positive or negative), understand why they feel that way before becoming defensive, and then add something meaningful to the conversation to fix or alleviate the issue.

  1. Improvisation is a Conversation, Not a Monologue.

A key component of improvisation is the audience. Throughout a scene it is important to allow the audience to engage with the actors and actresses. I’m not saying the audience runs the show – but you have to at least take them into consideration. In regards to social media, companies must listen to their consumers and digest it in a way that responds to their concerns. Social media makes for a two-way communication and remember: it never goes over well to tune out half of the dialogue.

  1. Life comes at You Fast.

In Improv your objective revolves around you not planning what you’re going to do next. You can tell the good Improv actors from the bad by what they decide to do with the unexpected. Does he or she fall or do they turn it into a success? The world of social media is a large platform full of uncertainties. A company doesn’t always know how the public will respond to its actions. The companies who are the most successful on social media platforms can take the most challenging situation and turn it into one that’s worthwhile.


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