#SpeakBeautiful: Dove Campaign Addresses Negativity

Dove recently launched a new advertising campaign tilted, “#speakbeautiful,” aimed at encouraging positive posts on social media. I’m a fan of the campaign and I’m an even bigger fan of the trend I am projecting they just started. As social media grows in relevance so does the need to combat issues present on social media platforms. It is important that more companies take the same actions. Many companies have initiatives to improve the quality of life for their consumers. They all have initiatives that align with their culture, why can’t social media take part in helping companies address these issues?

Equal payment for men and women, diversity in the workplace, and LGBTQ alliance are all examples of initiatives that occurred within the workplace because conversation aroused regarding an issue. Today, I argue that much of what companies are looking for, to advance the lives of their employees as well as their consumers, can be discovered via twitter where the conversation lye. Dove did their research and found that women are 50% more likely to say something negative about themselves than positive on Twitter. To combat the issue, keeping in mind Dove’s vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety, Dove began this campaign encouraging the spread of positive posts.

Companies should research the space where their consumers talk and change the conversation. The focus is where it always has been: within the thoughts and opinions of their publics.

Engage. Understand. Research. Implement.


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