MasterCard and Mashable Encourage Innovation

I am a firm believer that most billion-dollar ideas begin with average Joes. Those who aren’t the highest educated, who probably don’t know anyone of much social status, and most importantly lacks the knowledge to move forward in the execution of such an idea! I am almost a UNC graduate and I’m currently struggling with this issue, myself. What do I do when I have a billion dollar idea? Where do I start? And how can I even move forward when I lack trust in anybody to actually share my idea?

If there was a downloadable application that listed step-by-step directions for what to do when you have a billion-dollar idea, I would be all for it (so someone create it, quick)! I prompt you with my own personal issues to hopefully strike the relevance in what Mashable and MasterCard teamed up to put on, “The Priceless Elevator Pitch.”

The event gave all MasterCard holders the opportunity and outlet to share their start-up ideas on an elevator for 60-seconds. The winner with the best idea was granted $15,000 to begin the execution of their idea. The event drew in MasterCard holders, everywhere, and increased the social media presence of both companies. All pitches were posted on YouTube for the world to see. Wow. All of these people entered the competition to compete for $15,000 and ended with mass YouTube exposure of their start-up ideas, catching the eyes of people across the globe.

The event was a great way to encourage innovation. I expect Mashable and MasterCard to receive much positive attention, for this, in the coming weeks. I think it would be smart if the companies followed the journey of the “idea winners” via social media and allowed publics to follow the journey!

For more information on “The Priceless Elevator Pitch,” read Priceless Elevator Pitch: Pitch your startup at Mashable House for a chance to win $15,000.


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