Google Feud: Are you in tune with the World?

Google recently launched Google Feud, a game based solely on the company’s search query, incorporating the world’s most searched about topics. Google Feud is a mix between the television game show, Family Feud, and the entertainment we all get from guessing how Google autocompletes our sentences. You begin by selecting a randomized search query, in one of four categories: culture, people, name, and categories. The player is then able to make 3 attempts at filling out the search query and will gain points based off results most likely to populate the query, in a real-life instance.

What I find is most interesting about this game is how much the game teaches players about reality. Since topics are constantly changing in what’s popular on social media and the news so will the answers to the game. In a way, the game judges how informed a person is on popular topics of today. Engagement in Google Feud will lead to people questioning their sense of reality.

To me, I believe Google is practically handing out useful data to people regarding keywords and search results! Maybe playing the game can bring people far more than a “win.” Can more be gained from such a game? And if so, who will be the first to benefit?

For a further breakdown of the game, checkout the article, “This is the Goggle Autocomplete game we’ve been searching for.” 


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