The World Is A Stage…IF you’re tapped into Meerkat

During the Ferguson rallies and protests, twitter users across the globe witnessed the tweets and pictures of the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri. I don’t know about you – but I believed a good 40% of what was projected on my timeline (and to be honest that’s probably a fairly conservative estimate). While yes, twitter allows for the world to be a journalist – where is the credibility?? Often, I find anything hard to believe, unless I see it with my own two eyes. Recently, there was a launch of an app called Meerkat. Meerkat records live video-stream and notifies twitter audiences that the user has gone “live.” This allows people, like myself, to essentially tap into the scene and gain a first-hand witness of exactly what’s going on. Now this is HUGE. Video is becoming more and more essential to grabbing and obtaining the attention of social network users. The live feed makes for authenticity and establishes the type of credibility that’s typically reserved for people of high social status or academic achievement. Different from other video recording applications such as Snapchat, YouTube, or Vine – Meerkat captures live feed and doesn’t even allow the user to edit what the world Is witnessing. Meerkat even allows users to save a shortened clip of the recording. I’m going to try this app out myself and check back in! Stay Tuned in the coming weeks!


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