An App that Brings My Thoughts to Life.

I haven’t been this happy or excited in the last two days! I have been texting like crazy ever since I downloaded Bitmoji, yesterday. The app is similar to Emoji, keyboard application, but it allows you to personalize the animated faces. I use to complain that Emoji didn’t have any brown or black people that looked like me; the opportunity has now been snatched and not only am I seeing brown people – but I’m literally seeing myself, in character form. The idea of an animated depiction of real life allows communication lines to be more and more direct. People no longer have to study in depth the context clues like capitalization, periods, or exclamation marks to convey how he or she feels. We have the opportunity to use an animated version of us that directly places our thoughts and body languages through text. The app is also surprisingly diverse. Not only can you make your animated character into any color, including those that I’m fairly certain don’t even exists in skin tones, but you’re also given the option to change his or her size and attire. The application conveys freedom of expression, at its core. However, there is a Catch. The App doesn’t allow you to integrate text into the messages with your personalized Bitmoji. Instead, a picture is sent of the bitmoji separately from the text message, similar to picture message. The issue poses a rather small inconvenience, but every detail matters. I currently love the application, but I can’t promise that by this time next week I will not have sacrificed it for more storage space.


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