Privacy Who?

I’ve heard it a million times from my mother, “watch what you put on social media!” I get it; the Internet is a useful and powerful tool – everything I do and type can one day be used against me. In fact, it has and I can name several occasions. Recently, I discovered a site that spits out all of the dirt on individuals and extracts it not only from the web, but also police records and court case filings. InstantCheckMate has redefined what it means to fully and completely remove an individual’s privacy – and of course, it does it at a cost! I started a quick search on myself; but, refusing to insert my debit card number to the lines provided, I settled with the reviews of the search engine. To users’ surprise, this was no “Google Search” – the website revealed far more than most users could even recall, dating twenty and thirty years back. Too bad for people who have “mid-life Crisis” – looks like your actions could be literally following you forever. I have a question for my readers, I suggest you to consider. First, how can such an engine have the ability to access the world’s personal data? Secondly, what does this mean for privacy – even those not connected to social media? It appears to me that regardless of an individual’s presence on or off-line, InstantCheckMate can (and will) track you down.

To learn more about InstantCheckMate, check out “New Website Reveals Personal Information Even Google Can’t Find.”


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