Burnbook. How was this a Good Idea?…Ever.

I worry about the future of tomorrow, because of the ways in which are kids are being brought up, today. To my surprise (or maybe I was in a high level of denial for quite some time), social media is negatively affecting the developmental stage of our youth. Recently, I discovered a highly controversial app: “Burnbook.” Modeled after the movie, “Mean Girls” the application is an anonymous social network that allows high school students to post mean and hurtful content about one another. While this may have been a laughable and highly memorable scene in a movie, that gives no right to replicate such a thing in real life. The application even has a location device that allows users to join a “community” (school). The app is practically an organized and convenient way for today’s youth to engage in cyber bullying. I deem the developer of such an application sick. Burnbook has hit headlines across the country regarding how the app has brought violence and threats of terrorism to schools.

Parents have tried to combat the issue by creating Burnbook accounts of their own to stay in tune with their children. One school, Forest City Regional High School, encouraged their students to fight the Burnbook App by making a chain reaction of only positive posts. The digital age has brought much to be grateful for as well as much to regret. It’s important that as social media users we acknowledge that all of the bad in the real world can occur just as easily, if not easier, on social media platforms and to be aware of the harm that it can do to your community.

For more information on the app, check out this article: Burnbook: What parents need to know about the controversial App



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