Uber Makes Safety a Priority

I love Uber; it’s like a taxi but cheaper, typically smells a hell of a lot better, and definitely less awkward. When I first began using the service, this summer, my parents were quite weary of the product’s safety. They just could not wrap their minds around the fact that someone voluntarily drives people around, with good intent, and how the service was so convenient. The more I spoke on my experiences with Uber and encouraged friends and family to also use the app., I repeatedly found myself defending the same issue: Safety. Recently, Uber has made a great step toward combatting their biggest barrier by hiring its first chief security officer, Joe Sullivan.

Joe Sullivan’s past work experience includes serving as the Chief Security Officer for more than five years for Facebook as well as serving as the Department of Justice for eight years prosecuting cybercrime. According to “Uber snatches its first chief security officer away from Facebook” Sullivan states his commitment to Uber’s increased safety measures, “building world-class safety and security are critical” to fulfill the mission of “revolutionizing transportation.” Sullivan’s work will surround data including name, telephone numbers, location, and credit card information. The company is working to increase safety and security not only to passengers but also to drivers.

Uber has no intention on stopping its safety measures here. The company has hired a number of executives.

Succeeding at bridging the digital world and the real one? I Think So.


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