A GOLD STANDARD…In comparison to what?

MLK Celebration, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Gathering in the Pit, AFAM Department Rally at South Building, NAACP Lecture, the Sonja Haynes Stone Center, and the protest to rename Saunders Hall (an academic building named after a leader of the KKK). All of these events occurred this year within the black community and they choose a pageant to make the front cover of the DTH, might I add: above the fold.

I love the DTH and I think they do a great job at staying in the “know” on campus and appealing to its audience. I also want to state that I believe the Miss. Black & Gold Pageant of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is also an amazing platform for women to showcase their talents and uplift young women within our community. However, I do not find the story newsworthy or time-sensitive to incorporate it on the front page of the Daily Tar Heel.

Just yesterday the man from the Chapel Hill Shooting, which occurred in early February, went on trial and it did not make the front page. You’re telling me that a pageant is more important than justice within a community that consistently marginalizes minorities?

I began this article listing a plethora of events that are significant and affect a greater population that the talented women who served in last night’s pageant. It’s important that we highlight events like these but it is of far greater importance that we highlight the events that stir up injustices in our community and furthermore, speak to those who struggle to make a presence no matter how hard or loud we storm the campus with rage!

I have spoken to several friends regarding the article and I believe if nothing else it is creating conversation within the community – exactly what a good article should do. My issue is not with the article or the content but furthermore, the significance in relation to other events that have occurred on this campus, far more reflective of the black community – as a whole.


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