Cyber Love & Hate: Pick Your Poison

Recall, “Download,” by Lil’ Kim featuring T-Pain? It was a song created in 2008 that discussed “cyber love.” I personally recall the song because of the many laughs it brought my friends and I at the time. We thought it was comically ridiculous – like why the hell would someone begin a relationship via the Internet; must be desperate individuals we thought. Now, in 2015 – not only are people beginning relationships via Facebook but they’re also ending them according to “Divorce notice by Facebook? Doable, but it depends on where you live.”

Recently, the Manhattan Supreme Court System has allowed a woman of Brooklyn, NY to serve her husband divorce papers via Facebook. The woman proved several failed attempts to contact her husband and had no access to his physical location. After further research, they found that her husband commonly interacted on the social platform, Facebook. After a final failed attempt at hiring a private detective to track this woman’s husband down – the judge ruled to allow her to send the divorce filings as an attachment using Facebook’s Messenger.

What’s even more shocking is that this instance isn’t the first of its kind. Last September, Staten Island ruled that a man could notify his ex-wife that he no longer wanted to pay child support via Facebook messenger. The more often these cases occur the more they broaden the opportunity for Facebook took continue playing a major role in the court system and legal filings.

Question at hand: “How long will it be until States begin to recognize social networks like Facebook into legislation?”

I estimate no more than five years.


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