Video collaboration is going to change what it takes to “Go Viral.”

I read the title, “Facebook’s new side project, Riff, tries to blueprint the recipe for viral videos” and thought to myself: “Not a good idea.” I heard about this viral video project and in my opinion to help users develop viral videos wouldn’t be possible. Going viral isn’t meant for everyone – it’s what separates videos that stand out as extraordinary. The more “viral-like” videos become the more demanding we become as users and consumers to only spend time viewing the absolute best quality videos. One’s ability to become “viral” only weakens. As I began to read the article for myself, with a sour taste for what I was expecting to read, I was quite surprised. To my surprise the app was not solely based on viral videos but instead, viral collaboration; now, this made sense!

The newly developed app., Riff, was released last Wednesday and here’s how it works. Users have up to 20-seconds to create video content. They can then release the video to Facebook and allow friends, who also have the app., to add to the content of the video. It makes video collaboration easy and accessible to many people. The idea is that each individual who decides to collaborate and be a part of the video will share the video and more and more Facebook users will see it. I think the idea is great and I love that it promotes collaboration, especially amongst the funniest vine creators who may not personally know each other.

I’m interested in what will become “popular” amongst these videos. The pile-on chain feature of the application is infinite; the videos have the opportunity to be long and heavy in content. Today, most popular videos are typically under 10-seconds. What will begin to deem “viral” qualities with this new app? Will our attention span continue to prefer 6-second slips that make us laugh 2 seconds in? Or will a 5-minute clip be worth our time if it’s powerful the whole way through?

Thoughts? Comment Below! I’m really interested.


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